Welcome to the AI Mentors Podcast

The AI Mentors podcast, hosted by Mark Kelly, was created to help current and aspiring data scientists to further their career in the data world or assist them on their journey to becoming an AI engineer.

Powered by Alldus AI Workforce Solutions, we interview AI Leaders and Data Scientists from around the world about their personal journey to becoming a front-runner in AI and offer some advice to those interested in following in their footsteps. The show focuses on real, practical advice.

The content is easy to digest, as we want to cut through the hype and noise to identify the real-world adoption and application of AI and Machine Learning. The aim is to fast-track Data Scientists and AI Engineers on their journey by listening to the podcast from the top experts in the field.

Interview Process

The interview usually lasts 20-25 mins through Skype which we record and then edit. The edited version will then be sent back to you for your approval/communications approval and once you give the go-ahead, we will publish the podcast on our website and iTunes. It will also be shared on our social media channels, which are close to a combined 20,000 on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with 65-70% of them within the data science community in Ireland, UK and the US.

Sample Questions for AI Mentors

Below is a list of some of the questions we ask guests.

We ask guests to choose between 5-6 of their favourite questions that we will ask them in each episode.

  • What do you love about your job?
  • How does one make the transition from academia to industry?
  • What are the trends / hot topics in Data Science & AI?
  • Which current exciting projects are you involved in?
  • Why did you choose a career in AI / Data Science?
  • What advice do you give for people to interview more effectively?
  • How would you suggest to navigate the industry?
  • What are the pros and cons of different domains – your experience?
  • How to create value with data science?
  • How to communicate: academia vs industry?
  • What does the ideal data science team look like and how do you go about building it?
  • How do you manage it?
  • The importance of being social? Blogs / Github
  • How to become a good data scientist?
  • Challenges you overcame in your career?
  • How to keep up to date with technology in terms of resources?
  • Their favourite questions they like to ask at interviews?
  • Best ways to answer those questions?
  • How to build a team in data science?


If you have any other questions, please contact Mark Kelly mark@alldus.com

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