E03 Justin Fortier, Principal Data Scientist at ViralGains

Today’s guest is Justin Fortier, who is a Principal Data Scientist with ViralGains. Justin helped build the AI team at ViralGains, which is a video advertising platform that enables marketers to engage people with relevant brand stories in the venues and contexts that people most favor.

Justin is an accomplished AI, machine learning and data science executive with more than 20 years of experience developing actionable insights and recommendations, which have driven profitable growth for several industry leaders. Justin has also built world-class data science teams and regularly speaks about the equal effectiveness of both business and technology.

In this episode, Justin will discuss:

  • What he loves about his job as a Data Scientist
  • How to add value to your business using Data Science
  • Making the move from working in Academia into Industry
  • Advice on how to make the most of your Data Science career
  • The importance of focusing on the problem you are looking to solve

E02 James Aylward, SVP Head of Data Product at Pluralsight

Today’s guest is James Aylward, who is the SVP , Head of Data Product at Pluralsight in Boston. Pluralsight are the technology learning platform that helps technology leaders evaluate the technical abilities of their teams, align learning to key business objectives and close skills gaps in critical areas like cloud, mobile, security and data.

James leads the Pluralsight IQ and IRIS AI teams that consist of Product, Design, Data Science, MachineLearning and Engineering function. He is committed to democratizing technology skills through the application of human-centred data science product development. Pluralsight are trying to change the way the world learns technology skills.

In the episode, James will discuss:

  • How to understand your customer’s needs
  • Making the most out of your Data Science team
  • How AI will transform the customer experience
  • Staying ahead of the game
  • How to start applying AI within your business

E01 Keith Santarelli, Data Science R&D Team Leader at Agero

Today’s guest is Keith Santarelli. Keith is a Data Science R&D Team Leader at Agero. He has over a decade of experience as an innovative thought leader in the development of novel signal processing algorithms for real-world systems. Keith has broad leadership experience and was previously responsible for multiple mission-critical projects for the United States Armed Forces.

In the episode, Keith will share:

  • Interesting projects, such as detecting road accidents in real-time
  • Making the transition from Academia to Industry
  • What makes a great Data Scientist?
  • His favourite Interview Questions
  • Developing good Communication skills