E37 Howard Friedman, Chief Data Scientist, Author and Columbia University Professor

Today’s guest is Howard Friedman, Chief Data Scientist, Author and Professor at Columbia University. Howard has a great interest in applying data science with specific experience leading teams in the corporate, academic and public sectors. He has created five startup companies, as well as serving as the director of a Fortune 100 company.

His industry experience has focused mainly on the healthcare, finance, telecommunications and retail sectors, including supporting operations areas of large private equity firms, His skills include leading analytic teams, communicating to senior executive and lay-audiences as well as teaching data science to technical and non-technical teams. He also enjoys writing data-related books.

In the episode, Howard will discuss:

What he loves about his job,

How to transition from academia to industry,

Showing executives how to successfully digitalize your business,

His passion for the potential of data & technology in healthcare,

Preparing for the real-world of data,

and Advice on how to start a career in Data Science.

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