E35 Ted Tanner, CTO and Chief Architect at IBM Watson Health

Today’s guest is Ted Tanner, CTO and Chief Architect at IBM Watson Health. IBM Watson Health aspires to improve lives by addressing the world’s most pressing health challenges through data and cognitive insights. Ted is responsible for the technology and platform directives across all of Watson Health genomics, pharmacology and oncology as it pertains specifically to AI-based technologies.

From being responsible for C-Level P&L at publicly traded corporations such as Apple and Microsoft, Ted also co-founded startup PokitDok Inc. which was acquired by Change Healthcare in 2018. He also published numerous articles in leading technical magazines and holds several patents in the areas of blockchain, semantics, machine learning, signal processing and signal protection.

In the episode, Ted will discuss:

The interesting roles he’s enjoyed over the years,

Transitioning from engineering into running his own business,

Learns he has taken into his role at IBM Watson,

Exciting projects at IBM Watson Health, such as Genomics & IoT,

How to start a career in AI and Machine Learning,

And Mentors who guided him in his career.

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