E43 Scott Taylor, The Data Whisperer

Today’s guest is Scott Taylor, who is commonly known as “The Data Whisperer.” Scott has helped countless companies “calm data down” by enlightening business executives to the strategic value of master data and proper data management. He focuses on business alignment and the “strategic WHY” rather than system implementation and the “technical HOW.” He also acts as Principal Consultant for MetaMeta Consulting – A Data Story Boutique.

An avid business evangelist and original thinker, Scott continually shares his passion for the strategic value of master data through industry events, public speaking opportunities, blogs, videos, whitepapers, podcasts, cartoons, puppets shows and all forms of thought leadership. He has also worked with global enterprises by representing some of the world’s most iconic business data brands including Dun & Bradstreet, Nielsen and Microsoft.

In the episode, Scott will discuss:

His interesting work in helping enterprises tell their data story,

The role of Data Management within Data Storytelling,

Challenges of introducing a data-driven culture in your business,

How to effectively communicate with senior managers & stakeholders,

The role of Data Monetization in impacting ROI,

and What he loves about public speaking.

E42 Marco Morales, Senior Director of Data Science at NBCUniversal Media

Today host Mark Kelly speaks with Marco Morales, Senior Director of Data Science at NBCUniversal Media in New York. As part of the leadership of a corporate-level group that builds data products, develops tools and supports strategic decisions with data across all NBCUniversal business units, Marco is leading the integration of linear and digital forecasting in a unified platform to provide a comprehensive view of the total audience for all NBCUniversal’s TV properties.

Marco has successfully architected and led a team of data scientists, data engineers and consultants to migrate data and forecasting pipelines that feed the forecasting platform to open-source which reduced data and forecasting processing time by 50%. He also provided methodological guidance and led the development of novel methodologies to automate monitoring of 5K+ forecasts in production, including early indicators of changes in TV viewership.

In the episode, Marco will discuss:

Transitioning from Political Science into Data Science,

Transferring his current skills into his new career,

The role of Social Science in Data Science,

Defining the problem you are looking to solve,

and How AI will further impact the customer experience in media.

E41 Cameron Davies, Former SVP of Corporate Decision Sciences at NBC Universal

Today’s guest is Cameron Davies, former SVP of Corporate Decision Sciences at NBC Universal. Cameron was responsible for both the Corporate Management Sciences and their News Group Insights teams. His work included working on the development and execution of advanced analytics, data and research strategies, driving NBCU priorities such as leveraging Big Data, personalization of content, monetization strategies, alternative measurements and customer insights.

In the episode, Cameron will tell you about:

Transitioning from academia into industry,

His amazing experience with Disney,

The importance of empathy,

Building trust & maintaining strong relationships,

How AI is impacting the customer experience within media,

and Advice to Data Scientists coming into industry

E40 Wally Lo Faro, VP of Data Science at Mastercard

Today’s guest is Wally Lo Faro, VP of Data Science at Mastercard. Wally has successfully built the data science capabilities and team in MasterCard Operations and Technology over the past five years. He is responsible for applying advanced techniques for improving and maintaining data quality of very large data sets, information product ideation and development as well as applying data science principles for process improvement.

Wally has applied techniques from the areas of mathematics, machine learning, information retrieval, text analysis and statistics to design highly scalable approximate string matching systems, data quality monitoring and alerting systems, and fraud detection applications. He has also worked in designing marketing analytics and modeling environments, as well as building scalable and personalized recommendation engines.

In the episode, Wally will tell you about:

Interesting projects he is leading at Mastercard,

How his role has evolved in his 13 years with the company,

Transitioning from academia to industry,

3 ways you can get involved in AI and Data Science,

What the ideal Data Science team looks like,

How to successfully add business value from Data Science projects, 

and What he looks for in an interview

E39 Gokcen Aygenc, Director of Analytics at Blue Apron

Today’s guest is Gokcen Aygenc, Director of Analytics at Blue Apron. Founded in 2012, Blue Apron are reimagining the way that food is produced, distributed and consumed. Their core product is the cooking experience with original recipes designed along with fresh, seasonal ingredients directly to customers. They are building a better food system that benefits consumers, food producers and the planet.

Gokcen leads a team of data analysts to coordinate demand forecasting related inputs (brand marketing strategies, programs, promotional calendar, launches) for a reconciliation to the financial forecast and procurement schedule. Prior to her current role, she served as an executive at various business analysis roles at Quontigo, Blackberry, Acer, and Hewlett Packard in Istanbul, Dubai and New York.

In the episode, Gokcen will discuss:

Developing her technical and people skills within different cultures,

How to use predictive analytics effectively within your business,

What to look for in hiring Data Scientists,

The importance of trust and strong relationships with stakeholders,

How to apply Data Analytics successfully to improve the customer experience,

and Advice to Data Science Managers on how to maximise ROI.

E38 Ela Osterbeger, Director of Data Science at Deliveroo

Today’s guest is Ela Osterbeger, Director of Data Science at Deliveroo. Ela heads up the Data Science team that works on the Delivery algorithms, Consumer care, Experimentation platform and Rider pricing. Prior to exploring data on pizza and finding the fastest route from A to B on a bike, she ran a data team at The Guardian. Ela is passionate about developing Data Scientists and creating an inclusive work environment.

In the episode, Ela will discuss:

Developing her problem-solving skills,

Building trust & strong relationships with stakeholders,

Transitioning into a leadership role,

What she looks for when hiring Data Scientists,

Improving the customer journey at Deliveroo, 

and How AI & Data Science are impacting the delivery industry.

E37 Howard Friedman, Chief Data Scientist, Author and Columbia University Professor

Today’s guest is Howard Friedman, Chief Data Scientist, Author and Professor at Columbia University. Howard has a great interest in applying data science with specific experience leading teams in the corporate, academic and public sectors. He has created five startup companies, as well as serving as the director of a Fortune 100 company.

His industry experience has focused mainly on the healthcare, finance, telecommunications and retail sectors, including supporting operations areas of large private equity firms, His skills include leading analytic teams, communicating to senior executive and lay-audiences as well as teaching data science to technical and non-technical teams. He also enjoys writing data-related books.

In the episode, Howard will discuss:

What he loves about his job,

How to transition from academia to industry,

Showing executives how to successfully digitalize your business,

His passion for the potential of data & technology in healthcare,

Preparing for the real-world of data,

and Advice on how to start a career in Data Science.

E36 Leo Grady, CEO at Paige

Today’s guest is Leo Grady, CEO at Paige who are the leading computational pathology company focused on building AI to transform the clinical diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Paige has brought together the world’s leading experts in data science, computational pathology and clinical practice with the mission of advancing clinical diagnosis and treatment of cancer, improving patient outcomes and upgrading the pathologist’s experience.

Leo is a seasoned healthcare technology professional, with over 15 years of experience in developing and deploying advanced machine learning, computer vision and medical imaging technologies. He has led the company to receive Breakthrough Device designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the first such designation for AI in cancer diagnosis.

In the episode, Leo will share with you:

Paige’s impact in treating cancer patients

Advice on moving from academia to industry

How you improve your communication skills

Building the ideal Data Science team

How to be an effective leader

New trends in AI in healthcare that excite him

What’s in store for the future at Paige

E35 Ted Tanner, CTO and Chief Architect at IBM Watson Health

Today’s guest is Ted Tanner, CTO and Chief Architect at IBM Watson Health. IBM Watson Health aspires to improve lives by addressing the world’s most pressing health challenges through data and cognitive insights. Ted is responsible for the technology and platform directives across all of Watson Health genomics, pharmacology and oncology as it pertains specifically to AI-based technologies.

From being responsible for C-Level P&L at publicly traded corporations such as Apple and Microsoft, Ted also co-founded startup PokitDok Inc. which was acquired by Change Healthcare in 2018. He also published numerous articles in leading technical magazines and holds several patents in the areas of blockchain, semantics, machine learning, signal processing and signal protection.

In the episode, Ted will discuss:

The interesting roles he’s enjoyed over the years,

Transitioning from engineering into running his own business,

Learns he has taken into his role at IBM Watson,

Exciting projects at IBM Watson Health, such as Genomics & IoT,

How to start a career in AI and Machine Learning,

And Mentors who guided him in his career.

E34 Deepna Devkar, VP of Data Science & Engineering at CNN Digital

Today’s guest is Deepna Devkar, Vice President of Data Science & Engineering at CNN Digital where she heads up the Data Intelligence team in New York. She works to understand the CNN audience across devices and build recommendation systems that increase user engagement across all CNN brands.

Deepna has worked primarily in the media industry with strong experience building and leading cross-functional teams. She enjoys working on projects ranging across audience segmentation, content recommendation and personalization. In 2018, she was recognized for her contribution as Folio’s Top Women in Media, Corporate Champion.

In the episode, Deepna will discuss:

Her interesting Data Science journey to joining CNN,

How they are applying Data Science to transform CNN Digital,

Transitioning from academia into industry,

Challenges to be aware of moving into Leadership roles,

How to build a successful Data Science team,

Advice on how to kick start your Data Science career,

And What she loves about her role at CNN.