E29 Brigham Hyde PhD, Co-Founder &Advisor at Concerto HealthAI

Today’s guest is Brigham Hyde PhD, Co-Founder and Advisor at Concerto Health AI, the Definitive Dataset for Real-World Data and the leader in AI Solutions for Precision Oncology. Enterprises integrate Concerto Health AI’s Real-World Data, your data and third-party datasets to drive insights and decision-making across the enterprise.

Concerto Health AI’s Advanced Patient Management Solutions bring patient management to guidelines, precision oncology decision support, and clinical research within a clinic or practise workflow to truly enable precision oncology and value-based care models.

In the show, Brigham will discuss:

What motivated him towards a career in Data Science

What he’s learned throughout his career

How they are applying AI at Concerto Health

3 key areas on how to become a great Data Scientist

Building an effective data science team

How to get involved within the HealthTech sector