E26 Ainul Huda, Vice President of Analytics at Condé Nast

Today’s guest is Ainul Huda, who is the Vice President of Analytics, Audience Development and Marketing at Global Media company Condé Nast in New York City. Ainul is an Executive with several years of leadership experience in Data & Analytics, Audience Development & Digital Growth, Strategy, Marketing, Business Planning, Financial Modeling and Operations.

Ainul supports content planning, drives audience growth, engagement & loyalty, as well as helping to maximize monetization across all of Condé Nast brands and functions. This is achieved through innovative marketing tactics & partnerships, comprehensive analysis & measurement, as well as supporting content, product & design optimization through recommendations and analytics.

In the show, Ainul will tell you about:

Developing a data-driven culture at Conde Nast

How to show stakeholders the business value of data analytics

The importance of communication skills

Building successful Data Science teams

The pros and cons of working within industry

Helpful tips on standing out in the interview process

E25 Danti Chen, Head of Applied Data Science and Insights at Weber Shandwick

Today’s guest is Danti Chen, Head of Applied Data Science and Insights at Weber Shandwick in New York. Danti is responsible for leading the design and implementation of rigorous analytics using advanced data science techniques for client-oriented actionable insights and building out the Weber Shandwick’s analytics function at a global scale.

Weber Shandwick is a leading global communications network that delivers next-generation solutions to brands, businesses and organizations in major markets around the world. Data-led, with earned ideas at the core, the agency deploys leading and emerging technologies to inform strategy, develop critical insights and heighten impact across multiple sectors.

In the episode, Danti will share:

Advice on moving from academia to industry

What she loves about her job

Challenges to be aware of working as a Data Science

How to improve your communication skills

Building a successful data science team

The benefits Weber Shandwick bring to clients

What’s in store for Weber Shandwick in the near future