E23 JT Kostman, Data Scientist and CEO at Applied AI

 Today’s guest is JT Kostman. JT has been recognized by his peers, the press and professional associations as one of the world’s leading experts in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. A highly sought-after speaker, writer, and advisor, JT has earned a reputation for his ability to demystify frontier technologies and for developing practical, actionable, cost-efficient data solutions.

In the public sector, JT has hunted terrorists for U.S. Intelligence Agencies, tracked criminal networks for the FBI, advised on analytic strategies for the Department of Defense and led social media analysis for the 2012 Obama Campaign. In his earlier life, he served as a Paramedic, Police Officer, Deep-Sea Rescue Diver, and as a team leader with the U.S. Army Special Forces.

JT has led the development of industry-changing solutions while serving as Chief Data Officer for Time Inc., Chief Data Scientist for Samsung, and as an advisor to organizations ranging from tech startups to the Fortune 500. He has also has guided substantial investments in frontier technologies while serving as a Board Member of a PE/VC fund and as an advisor to numerous hedge funds, family offices, and institutional investors. 

In the episode, JT will tell you about:

  • His unique journey as a Data Scientist 
  • Building a great Data Science team 
  • 6 Key tips on how to be a successful Data Scientist 
  • The importance of communications and storytelling 
  • Focus on what you’re great at 
  • What you need to know for a career in Data Science 

E22 Uday Kamath, Chief Analytics Officer at Digital Reasoning

 Today’s guest is Uday Kamath, Chief Analytics Officer at Digital Reasoning. Uday is experienced in building large analytics team, products, commercialization and technical sales and has a great interest in Machine Learning theory and practical implementations in NLP and Speech Analysis.

Uday is responsible for Digital Reasoning’s Machine Learning Products and Innovation. By leveraging AI Techniques such as Deep Learning and Statistical Machine Learning, this allows them to create improving human communications through speech, images and text in several domains.

In the show, Uday will give his thoughts on:

  • How he became attracted to the world of Data Science
  • The work he does at Digital Reasoning
  • Interesting projects within human trafficking, healthcare and finance
  • New trends we should embrace such as XAI and Unsupervised Learning
  • Building a great Data Science team
  • What a great Data Scientist looks like