E17 Michael Ferrari, Managing Partner & Principal at Atlas Research Innovations

Today’s guest is Dr. Michael Ferrari. Michael is the Founder, Managing Partner & Principal at Atlas Research Innovations. They provide applied research, scientific analysis and bespoke services to clients in the private and public sectors, government and academia with an emphasis on climate, risk, agriculture, environment, energy, water, IoT & space.

Michael has spent nearly two decades as a scientist, engineer and economist in a wide variety of industries. Most of this work falls at the food-water-energy-infrastructure nexus and encompasses Data Science, Spatial Informatics, AI/Machine Learning, Financial & Physical Risk, Smart City & Earth Observation Technologies, and more.

Michael earned his PhD from Rutgers where his research focused on better understanding the Industrial/Environmental interface and the Earth/Space/Biosphere complex from both information systems and an evolutionary perspective.  His doctoral work in numerical modelling and applied mathematics was supported by the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

In today’s episode, Michael will share with you:

  • His interesting work at Atlas Research Innovations
  • What he loves about his job
  • Key tips on making the move from academia to industry
  • The exciting world of IoT
  • How to effectively apply AI within your business
  • Building a great Data Science team
  • The importance of being involved in the Data Science community

E16 Kendell Timmers, VP of Advertising Analytics at New York Times

Today’s guest on the show is Kendell Timmers. Kendell is the VP of Advertising Analytics at the New York Times. Kendell is a digital data expert and problem solver with a deep domain knowledge across ad tech. She also has a  passion for developing talent having built a robust group of analysts focused on advertising data products, testing, and analytics. 

Kendell is also responsible for creating innovative data products to serve the advertising needs at New York Times. She also leads the design of campaign-level analytics products to provide key insights to their advertisers as well as partnering with the tech, advertising, marketing and newsroom teams to align on the testing strategy for the advertising experience. 

In the show, Kendell will tell you about:

  • What attracted her to a career in AI and Data Science
  • How the New York Times are maximising their revenue through Advertising
  • The impact of AI and Machine Learning at the New York Times
  • What she loves most about her job
  • Pros and Cons of a career in Data Science
  • Amazing tips on how to interview more effectively

E15 Alex Siegman, AI Technical Program Manager at Dow Jones

In today’s episode, host JP Valentine is joined by Alex Siegman, AI Technical Program Manager at Dow Jones in New York City. Alex is an experienced leader in AI and Machine Learning and he is focused on managing projects, products and people to successfully design, develop and deploy revenue-driving technologies.

In the show, Alex will share with you:

  • How he became involved in a career in Artificial Intelligence
  • Moving from Artificial Narrow Intelligence into Artificial General Intelligence
  • How Dow Jones are leveraging AI within their organisation
  • Advice on how to forge a career in AI and Data Science
  • Transitioning into a Data Science career from a unique background
  • What a great Data Scientist looks like

E14 Michael Krisgman, Industry Analyst and host of CXO Talk

Today’s guest is Michael Krigsman, who is an industry analyst and host of CXO Talk. He is recognized internationally as an analyst, writer, and commentator and has been recognised as one of the top executive interviewers and panel discussion leaders in the world.

In the show today, Michael will tell you about:

  • Creating CXO Talk
  • His learnings from interviewing business leaders
  • The importance of understanding the problem you want to solve
  • His favourite examples of Applied AI in industry
  • Advice on how to apply AI within your organization

E13 Dr. Tristan Behrens, Senior Data Scientist and AI Guru

Today’s guest on the show is the AI Guru Dr Tristan Behrens. Tristan is a Senior Data Scientist with a strong focus on AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning. After five years of solving many digitalization challenges and creating many products, he decided to shift towards transformation and enablement.

Today, Tristan helps individuals, teams and companies create great AI solutions. He supports the transformation of individuals, teams and companies in the current fruitful age of AI implementation. Tristan’s services include hands-on courses, strong mentoring and streamlined prototyping. 

In the show today, Tristan will discuss:

  • How he got interested in AI and Data Science
  • Advice on making the move from academia to industry
  • Does Data Science live up to the hype
  • Key tips on how to add real value as a data scientist
  • How to keep up to date with the latest AI trends
  • Building your reputation as a great Data Scientist