E12 Ashleigh Faith, Director of Data & Semantic Enrichment at EBSCO Information Services

Today’s guest is Ashleigh Faith, who is the Director of Data and Semantic Enrichment in EBSCO Information Services. Ashleigh specializes in multilingual search and annotation optimization strategies focused on semantics, interoperability, natural language and realized through ontologies.

Her domain focus is STEM subject matter -particularly in transportation, mechanical, medical, and electrical engineering technology. Ashleigh’s novel techniques for machine learning have resulted in an F-measure of 89% based on STEM vernacular and she is also well versed in managing technical IP as well as leveraging data intelligence to its highest potential.

In the episode, Ashleigh will tell you about:

  • Interesting research into auto linguistics on words and languages
  • Advice on making the move from academia to industry
  • How to influence the key decision makers
  • The importance of creating opportunities and building relationships
  • Her work in semantic enrichment at EBSCO
  • The future of AI and Machine Learning on IoT and Cybersecurity