E11 Charlie Berg, VP of Engineering at Avant-Garde Health

Today’s guest on the show is Charlie Berg, VP of Engineering at Avant-Garde Health. Charlie has been actively engaged in building and leading teams that have successfully brought new technology products to market in the energy, healthcare, design industries as well as discrete manufacturing markets, such as entertainment and financial services.

In his current role, Avant-Garde Health partner with healthcare providers to optimize long-term patient outcomes and costs. They create tools to expose and influence the discrete decisions that shape each patients’ path through the healthcare system. This translates to working with significant clinical, financial and operational datasets to model, analyze and inform the provision of care.

In this episode, Charlie will discuss:

  • The great work going on at Avant-Garde Health
  • Advice to figure out the problem you are looking to solve
  • What Data Scientists can learn from Engineering Projects
  • Learning from your successes and failures
  • Being involved with the Boston CTO Club

E10 Ben Taylor, Co-Founder and Chief AI Officer at Ziff AI

Today’s guest on the show is Ben Taylor, co-founder and Chief Data Officer at Ziff AI. Ben’s mission is to further the boundaries of what is possible with data science. His current project combines the power of genetic programming with deep learning to automate network design and he believes human expertise and creativity are being replaced by powerful new methods.

Ben is best known for my machine learning work with the data science community and with HireVue. Ben was Hirevue’s first data scientist and was able to partner with engineering to build out one of the first video interview prediction engines called HireVue Insights. It has since seen fantastic use cases and growth where large Fortune companies are dramatically reducing time to hire from six weeks to just six days.

In this episode, Ben will tell you about:

  • How Ben got involved in data science and the work he does at Ziff AI
  • How AI and Data Science can help improve your business
  • Advice to data scientists and companies on how to add the most value
  • How to influence data science within your organization
  • Where the future of AI and Data Science is heading in the near future
  • Creating a discussion on AI Ethics