E09 David Ledbetter, Senior Data Scientist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Today’s guest is David Ledbetter, who is the Senior Data Scientist at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. David is an experienced data scientist and deep learning researcher that works closely with clinicians to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and data scientists.

David is focused on fostering communication and enabling collaborations that are able to solve real clinical problems that require significant cross-disciplinary expertise. He also has a passion for training aspiring data scientists looking to break into the healthcare sector to make a meaningful impact.

In the episode, David will tell you about:

  • Building the foundations at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles
  • Examples of how data science affects patients lives for the better
  • Having the right onboarding process for moving into industry
  • The importance of effective communications
  • How AI will change the future of the healthcare sector

E08 Benjamin Lohnes, Principal Analytic Consultant at Epsilon

Today’s guest Benjamin Lohnes, Principal Analytic Consultant at Epsilon. Ben is an experienced Database marketing professional with experience in developing and implementing customer relationship and customer life-cycle marketing initiatives, email marketing, customer segmentation, broad business analysis, technical end-user application training, and medium to large technical project management.

He has years of experience in managing highly technical people, projects, and resources. His current focus is codifying the way in which stories are told across a variety of disciplines, with the ultimate goal being to find the common threads that can be used in organizations to tell clearer, more relevant stories that cascade throughout the organization ending with the most impactful story for the client.

In the show today, Ben will tell you about:

  • Interesting work he does at Epsilon
  • The importance of communication and storytelling
  • Understanding who your audience is to achieve ROI
  • Top tips on how to add real value as a Data Scientist
  • Why you should share your knowledge with others

E07 Zhen Wang, Data Science Manager at Wayfair

In this episode, our guest is Zhen Wang. Zhen is an experienced health and marketing data scientist who leads the data science team to support direct mail and display programs at Wayfair. She is responsible for leading Wayfair’s innovations in customer-level real-time bidding, uplift modeling, personalized display advertisement and 3rd party data implementation.

Zhen moved to Boston for the Insight Health Data Science program and eventually joined Wayfair when she got really excited about the data challenges and learning opportunities at their Data Science team. She is also an avid science fiction reader and also likes to spend her free time thinking about ideas to apply machine learning to understand principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the episode, Zhen will share with you:

  • Why she loves working in Data Science
  • 3 key tips on making the move from academia into industry
  • How Wayfair use Data Science to influence the customer journey
  • Advice on how to interview more effectively
  • Building the ideal Data Science team

E06 Hendrik Brackmann, Head of Data Science at Finiata Berlin

Today’s guest is Hendrik Brackmann, Head of Data Science at Finiata based in Berlin. Finiata is making a huge impact in the financial industry by providing working capital financing for freelancers and SME’s over a fully automated data-driven scoring technology, which provides same-day decision-making and liquidity.

Having successfully expanded to Poland and aiming to further grow throughout Europe, it is Finiata’s vision to become the leading European tech company, by enabling freelancers and SME’s to reap the rewards of their hard work immediately and celebrate instant payments of their invoices.

In the show today, Hendrik will tell you about:

  • Interesting projects he is working on at Finiata
  • Advice on making the move from academia to industry
  • How to influence AI and Data Science within your company
  • The importance of a data-driven environment
  • Building a Data Science team
  • How to make the most out of your Data Science career