E05 Favio Vazquez, Data Scientist and Founder at Ciencia y Datos

Today’s guest is Favio Vazquez. Favio has a strong passion for data science, machine learning and big data. He loves new challenges, working with a good team and having interesting problems to solve by using his knowledge and expertise in science, data analysis, visualization and automatic learning to help the world become a better place.

He is the creator of Ciencia y Datos, which brings data science into the Spanish world with posts, articles, webinars and courses. Favio is also a Data Science course instructor at Business Science University where he created the Data Science for Business with Python course. He delivers content that is easy to learn and apply to business and organizations, as well as helping you develop solutions for real-world, large-scale problems.

In the show today, Favio will tell you about:

  • How he became so passionate about Data Science
  • The importance of an open-source community
  • How to add real value to your Data Science career
  • Understanding the KPI’s and goals of your business
  • Exciting courses you can get involved in from 2019
  • The benefits of having a Data Science team in your company

E04 Kristen Kehrer, Founder of Data Moves Me

Today’s guest is Kristen Kehrer, who is the founder of Data Moves Me. Kristen started her journey to becoming a Data Scientist without knowing it but wanted to be analyzing data, building models, and helping to guide business decisions. Since 2010, she has utilized Data Science across multiple industries, including the utilities, healthcare, and eCommerce

Prior to attaining her Master’s Degree, she was a high school math teacher and always enjoyed tutoring, coaching and mentoring. Her passion is leveraging her experience with the end-to-end job search for Data Science positions to help others effectively market their skills to land a job in this field. The coaching she had personally received was invaluable to how she approached the job search and is thrilled to share her expertise with others.

In the episode, Kristen will share with you:

  • The importance of communication and influence
  • The role of Data Science in business
  • Challenges to be aware of within data science
  • Key Questions to prepare for in interviews
  • How to structure your resumé
  • Tips and courses she offers on her blog Data Moves Me

E03 Justin Fortier, Principal Data Scientist at ViralGains

Today’s guest is Justin Fortier, who is a Principal Data Scientist with ViralGains. Justin helped build the AI team at ViralGains, which is a video advertising platform that enables marketers to engage people with relevant brand stories in the venues and contexts that people most favor.

Justin is an accomplished AI, machine learning and data science executive with more than 20 years of experience developing actionable insights and recommendations, which have driven profitable growth for several industry leaders. Justin has also built world-class data science teams and regularly speaks about the equal effectiveness of both business and technology.

In this episode, Justin will discuss:

  • What he loves about his job as a Data Scientist
  • How to add value to your business using Data Science
  • Making the move from working in Academia into Industry
  • Advice on how to make the most of your Data Science career
  • The importance of focusing on the problem you are looking to solve